Wireless systems generate an additional source of revenue for your business and also :


  • Offer your guests a added value amenity that many of today's travelers are looking for.

  • Gain a competitive advantage over other competitors.

  • Attract and retain new customers.

  • Hotspots drive revenue by making a stay at your hotel even more valuable and more enjoyable.

High Bandwidth (PTP) Point to Point Networking Systems
Commercial Wireless Networks
Hotels, Hotspots & WiFi Access
Remote Connectivity & Management

We Are Point to Point Connectivity & Wireless Networking Specialists

PTP Systems are used in a wide variety of ways, 

some connect businesses to one another...


Others communicate with electronic devices

such as flow meters in streams, or with 

cameras on the tallest towers & fire lookouts.


These amazing devices can provide solid, reliable, high bandwidth connections at distances of 50 Miles or more apart.

Remote connectivity & management for your business provides you with many options :


  • Remote control of any & all computers / devices

  • Live viewing & monitoring of security systems

  • Working in any environment you choose 24x7x365

  • Provide live, emergency support to Clients

  • Access to financial software like Quickbooks from anywhere, anytime.

  • 100% transparent software